Party Dress….Chloe

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First of all, let me begin by saying that this dress will not be available in my shop.

This was the other important project I had to work on this weekend.  It all started when a very good customer called me one day. She told me how she broke her wrist, and had to have surgery.  Although she has been ordering dresses from me for a few years , she also sews.  She had promised to make her a daughter a beautiful dress for an upcoming FATHER/DAUGHTER dance.  The fabrics were bought, and the dress was designed, but she could no longer move her hand.   I normally never say yes to a project like this.  After making Olivia a Rapunzel dress two years ago, I swore I was not going to work on  anything slippery again.  No costumes, no flower girl dresses, nothing that would require working with tulle, netting, chiffon, or satin.   However, I took a look at the pattern – CHLOE by Violette Field Threads – and was in a good mood, so I agreed to give it a shot.  I like challenges, and maybe with my industrial machine, this could be done.  HA!

The bodice went together very fast, and I was pleased with the fit.  The skirt on the other hand, was such a pain.  To be honest, after working with that fabric for about two hours, I almost quit.  I had needles breaking, thread breaking and I was frustrated dealing with four layers of 2.5 yards of fabric.  The tulle rips very easy, and you have to be extremely careful that it does not get hung up on the sewing machine.   I don’t have that much room on my sewing table to deal with all that fabric, which made my job so much harder.   If I had to make this pattern again (which I will not) I would definitely make the skirt smaller in the width.  Trying to force all these ruffles into the bodice and under the machine was too much.   I broke off a piece of my industrial machine while attempting to sew over all these layers.  It was frustrating.   However, my biggest problem came in the end,  when I realized that I was covered in GLITTER……tons and tons of GLITTER.  When I got up to take a break, I saw that my entire surroundings were covered in glitter.  My machines, my feed dogs, my fabrics, my threads, my shoes, my hair, my carpets……………..EVERYWHERE glitter.  I had a little panic attack as I walked through the house, and noticed that there was glitter in every single room.  I had left a GLITTER trail…….OH MY!  I quickly finished the skirt, and the kids and I started cleaning the house.  My son mopped, while I tried to vacuum the glitter.  It was horrible, and  no matter how hard we cleaned, the glitter still remained.  I know the customer whose Boys Rumper I have to complete this week, will not appreciate her fabric being full of glitter.  LOL.  So I have some more cleaning to do.  I obviously do not like GLITTER, and this is why I have decided once again………..NO WAY WILL I MAKE PARTY DRESSES or costumes, or pageant dresses. It’s just not my thing.

So in conclusion, I am happy that I tried to challenge myself.  I obviously would still have to learn more to make these types of dresses every day.  Thank goodness that is not the case.  I kept the dress away from Olivia until this morning.  I knew she would beg me to make her one, even though she witnessed how mommy turned into a big green eyed monster the night before.  Being a lot calmer, I politely said “No” and ignored her 1001 questions, as I left the room.

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