When you get the opportunity to work with bolts of fabric, the hardest decision you face as a designer is “What pattern should I use?”.  You laugh, but if I had my way I would make 10 different dresses for all different age groups and sizes all from the same fabric.  In this case, we had two knits that matched up perfectly to this lovely blue floral print.  I showed one of them yesterday, and here is the second dress.


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I have held onto this lovely knit for more then a year knowing that I would find the perfect match.  It is a medium weight stripe fabric with cream and curry colors.  I love the color.  The knit is definitely a medium weight, and very comfortable and soft to the touch.  It is just beautiful,  and it is a great match with this navy blue floral print.  Perfect for the upcoming FALL season.  Please remember that if you would prefer a straight sleeve instead of the bell hem, all you have to do is leave a comment when you order or email me at  The pattern includes both styles of sleeves.



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