Photography thoughts….



Things have been so busy this year, that I have actually made up my mind to hire a few photographers to relieve my schedule this year.  Honestly, I sometimes feel like my whole life is being swallowed up by Kinder Kouture and work.  Not that I am bothered by it.  I think most of us feel that way about work at least a few times a year.  I know I always did, and although I love to sew, I do consider my website, my sewing, my photography to be exactly that……work.  Can you tell I have been working night and day to get these Easter dresses out?  Yup, and I am very happy about this little Easter break I am going to take next weekend.  LOL.  Anyways, I am going to stick to my decision to allow others to do what they do best, but every once and awhile I will sneak out and take pictures of my lovely daughter as we did today.  The pictures in general are for my website, but I do treasure each and every picture I take of the kids, and yes I have to admit photography is a wonderful creative outlet for me.  Not only is taking pictures a lot of fun, but the editing can be such a challenge, and I love that challenge.  Playing with the light and colors.  I love it almost as much as I love designing clothes.  And I would be a total fool not to take pictures at the beach at least once a year…..LOL.  I love our beaches…So be prepared to see a few new cute models on my website.



This pattern is very much like Millies Flutter Dress, except that the back overlaps with two buttons,  and the skirt on this pattern has many variations.  It can also be made into a top, which is what I am most likely going to do for my daughter.  The fabric is from Art Gallery Fabrics, and the print is soft in color and very pretty.  It was so nice to put this dress on Olivia and see how pretty it is.  I liked everything about the pattern, and the fabric.  I think it is perfect for the summertime.  There is nothing constricting on this dress, like elastic….. which is why I think it will become a favorite pattern of mine.

Now I have to say good night, and finish my third dress for today.  It was nice to take a moment to relax on this lovely Sunday afternoon here in Florida and enjoy the warmth of the sun.  I hope you like the pictures……….and hopefully I will be posting some new items right after Easter.



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