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Pick your Delivery Date

November 25, 2013 1 min read

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Last night I read about a new option available to my website, and I am so excited to introduce to you the Delivery Picker.  Basically, this sweet plugin will let you know what dates I have available for shipping.  You cannot imagine how much easier this is going to make my life.  The only downfall is that it cannot predict how much time is needed to complete let’s say a somewhat larger order.  So for instance, if I get four orders in one night, the computer is not able to count how many hours I need per order.  If someone only orders 1 dress, I can obviously finish that in a day.  On the other hand, when a customer orders 5-6 dresses, the computer still only blocks one day for that order, when I need at least 2-3 days to compete it.  However, it definitely will give my customers a general idea of where I am on delivery times and dates.  I hope this will be a helpful tool for you.  Keeping my fingers crossed.