I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas this year.  I am throroughly enjoying my down time with family and lots of friends.  We have had visitors almost every day since I have closed my shop, but that is what Christmas is all about, and I am so happy that I could take the time to enjoy it all.    I also wanted to take this time to start introducing to you some of our new designs.  Although, I am making these items available in my shop, please note that I am not returning back to work until January 6th.  It is then that my family will be back in school/work, and  I would prefer to use this free time for my them and creating new designs for EASTER and Valentines Day.  I have some gorgeous new Easter dresses, and I cannot wait to show them all to you, but all of this takes time.  So without further ado………..

IMG_4204I am very excited to introduce to you one of our first new designs for the year 2014.  Our PINKALICOUS dress, which is now available in our shop.  The dress comes in sizes 2-8, and due to limited yardage only one dress will be made available in each size.  I am still hoping to get my hands on more fabric, but so far no such luck.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I was so excited when I found this fabric.  It immediately caught my eye because of all these beautiful pink and red colors in the print.   Honestly, after making Christmas dresses for the last three months, it was such a pleasure to work with a different fabric.  I had a harder time deciding on the pattern, but in the end I was glad that I did not make a knot dress.  February is always cold, and a knit dress is just more versatile for the expected weather.  Olivia fell in love with this dress, and wore it all day, so I call this dress a total success.  LOL.  Although the print is obviously geared towards Valentines Day, it can be worn at anytime.  It is just so cute and so pink.  I love it.

The crochet flowers will be posted here.

Leggings can be found here.

I receommend BUSYBEES BEADS for the necklace.  She always has a lovely assortment, and is such a nice person to work with.

I will also be adding a red corduroy pant that will match this dress perfectly.  Once I have the link added, I will let you know.

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