Plain and simple White Peasant Blouse

IMG_0804Every little girl should own a white cotton blouse, and I am sure you will love the one we have to offer. I know we do.  The reason is simple.  The quality of this fabric is fantastic. It is a white cotton broadcloth, which comes from a manufacturer that specializes in children’s fabric. This broadcloth has a small percentage of polyester woven into the grain. This helps the fabric to be easy to maintain and yes……easy to iron! Isn’t that great? I cannot imagine why anyone would want to iron a blouse, especially if you don’t have to, right? All I do is remove the blouse from the washing machine, hang it on a hanger and wait for it to dry. I never iron this blouse. I love that! EASY CARE!



The peasant style pattern is also great. The fit is always perfect, and because the pattern is made for two sizes, it will fit for at least a year. I also love the fact that this style of blouse is so versatile. It looks great with a pair of jeans, as it does under a very nice dress. The sleeve length is up to you, but I prefer having one of both.  I finally added this blouse to my shop, and you can find it right here: WHITE PEASANT BLOUSE

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