I could not wait for yesterday to end.  There are some weeks, when I get so many orders that it is hard for me to get everything done on time.  So yesterdays deadlines had to be met, and I have been working since last Monday non-stop, morning through night.  When I finished the last two dresses, I felt a sudden weight lift off my shoulders, and I could breathe again.   First I relaxed, and then I cleaned house.  A messy house is just not relaxing to me, and I cannot relax until it is done.   You know the old addage “Work before play”, right?  HAHA.  Yes, even I have learned to ignore the messes when I have a lot of work to do, but the moment I have a free moment, I go into ATTACK mode.  I swear the clutter that accumulates when mommy is not looking makes me pretty angry, and the kids meet that green-eyed monster once again.   Lately, I go to each little spot in the house, where the kids have left something, and I call them to put it away.  Yesterday, I must have called Olivia’s name about 20 times.  I finally heard her let out a big groan, and roll her eyes at me.  The perfect moment to tell her that this would not happen if she learned to put her stuff away in the first place.  And yes, I do think of these things before I do them.  I want them to know how often I have to bend over, and get under the beds to find single socks, legos and barrettes.  LOL.   Yes, that is pretty mean, but it needs to happen sometimes.

 So after cleaning, going to the post office, and grocery shopping, doing homework with the kids, and making my family a nice meal, I finally had time to relax.  So guess what I did?  Yup I cut this beauty out.  I know I know.  I wanted to relax.  However, the doorbell rang around 6pm, and it was the UPS guy with these lovely little fabrics.  I had no choice.  I spent Sunday night putting the pattern together in my head.  I used the Smock Top in  the new book by Lindsay Wilkes “SEW CLASSIC CLOTHES”.  Her pattern was pretty close to perfect for the look I wanted  to achieve.  It had buttons in the back, and although her sizing is quite big (I cut out a size 3 for Olivia???) I was determined to make this top.   The only other option I had was a pattern by Oliver & S, but again I would have had to cut out a size 2T????  Do you know a 4 year old with a size 24″ chest?  Well I don’t either.  I guess these are standard measurements, but I find them a bit big.  Of course, maybe I should just keep my opinions to myself until I try this on Olivia.  I will let you know.

The fabrics are from Riley Blake Designs.  The fabrics are called Country Girls from Tasha Noel. I love her little prints.  They just tell stories, and the colors are always so sweet.  The capri leggings are also sewn with Riley Blake Polka Dot knit fabric.   I will be listing the capris in my shop.  I may offer the set, but I need to test the fit, and wear and tear first.

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