Popsicle Dress

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We are so pleased to announce another new dress this week.


One of my biggest challenges is finding a dress pattern and fabric combination that I can offer to all ages.  I have a 9 year old who no longer loves to wear dresses, so I know how difficult this task can be for moms.   Sometimes it is the fabric she does not like, and sometimes the pattern, so I am constantly on the lookout for new ideas for the pre-teens.  Dresses in the summer months are just a must-have for a girls closet.  In any case, I always try to make a dress that will suit this age group, and I hope you agree with me that this dress is adorable.

The fabric is full of beautiful pinks, greens, aquas and yellows in a paisley print.  Combined these colors remind me of sorbet ice cream, and are just perfect for the summer months.    The dress includes sewn in straps and no sash.  The skirt has two layers of ruffles and is very full.  I purposely left out the flutters, so that we can layer the dress with a sweater.  It is available in all sizes ranging from 6mos. to 8yrs.



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