Savannah Rose….

All I week long, I could not shake this nagging feeling that I had forgotten something…… just would not leave me alone. Of course, this week there was so much on my plate that it could have been a number of things.

The kids are heading back to school on Monday, we are planning three new releases, a future GIVEAWAY, and the list just goes on and on.  My plate was a bit full this week.  So of course I am going to forget something.  I try my best to have SIRI remind me of every little thing, but I am not perfect, and juggling family and work and whatever else life throws at me isn’t always easy.  At least I remembered at one point this week, right?  Yes, I forgot to blog about this lovely new addition to our site.  Please forgive me.

The SAVANNAH ROSE was another CUSTOM ORDER for a birthday party that was due this week.   It is made from a lovely collection of fabrics that are not easy to find.  The pink floral print is delicate and such a beautiful color, which is why this foreign fabric is so popular.  We combined the pink with an older green MODA fabric, and together the combination is just divine.  The dress pattern is a vintage inspired pattern with large full gorgeous ruffles the run across the front and back bodice.



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This lovely dress is limited in quantity.  I will be able to make about five dresses depending on what sizes are being ordered.  I hope you like it, pin it, and share with your friends.  Creations like this are what seperate boutique handmade clothing from store bought creations.  Have a wonderful weekend, and hope you enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday.


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