Skedaddle Mr. Winter…….

Well, I will say this…….the longer Mr. Winter decides to stick around…….the more I long for the days of Spring.     Sunshine, daffodils, rose gardens and the smell of fresh green grass.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, how good it feels.  I’m afraid the sunshine does not yet want to shine even in Florida.  The only real problem I have with that is that I have a horrible time taking pictures.  No pictures, and no blog.  Thank goodness, after today our forecast states sunshine and warm temperatures, and boy do I have some lovely things to show you.


First up is this lovely dress/top……Camillia.


Pattern: Millie’s Flutter Dress

Fabric: Westminster/Tanya Whelan



Some of my customers have great ideas, and when I first introduced the Lily Dress, I was asked by several customers to make tops.   Shortly thereafter I decided to combine a few fabrics and using one of my favorite patterns I ended up with this cute dress/top.  I have the dress listed HERE, and the top is posted HERE.  You can combine the top with our Ruffle Capris in Fuchsia.  It is a perfect match.  I love these pants because the fabric has a small percentage of polyester woven into the grain, which makes them wrinkle-proof.  I don’t even iron these pants.  We love them.  They are super soft and very lightweight.  I realize that some of you would prefer pants and not take the risk of Spring not appearing, so these pants are also available as pants HERE.


Please remember that this dress or top comes in three colors ……no scratch that……three beautiful colors.

Hope this brings a little SPRING FEVER your way!


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