Something cute for little boys

Once I make up my mind to make something or design something, I always think about the practicality of a garment.  I know from experience, that just because I think something is pretty, does not necessarily mean it is practical for a toddler.  As I have said many times before, I like to make clothing that can be worn longer then one season, or something that can be dressed up or down.  My favorite type of clothing is something pretty and practical.  Not an easy task!

To give you a good example, today Olivia decided to go shopping with Daddy, while I stayed at home and cooked.  Olivia had been playing all day, so she was dressed in a pair of white biker shorts with a t-shirt.  There was nothing sweet or clean about this child at 4pm, and Daddy gave me a look that said “I need a change of clothes”.  Instead of changing all of her clothes, I grabbed the Back To School Apple Dress, and slipped it over her somewhat dirty biker shorts.  The dress is a size 4, but since it fits two sizes, everything fits fine except it has gotten a bit short for her.  No problem.  We now wear the dress as a shirt with shorts or leggings.  It is still pretty, and can still be worn.  An easy and fast solution.  I love it.

I applied the same methods to my son, especially when he was a young.  One of my favorite garments in the first 12 months after my son was born was the JonJon.  The reason was simple.  A newborn usually spends a day in a onesie with or without a pair of pants, and let’s face it……….that onesie was always a filthy mess.  Yes, I used bibs, but as most mothers will tell you, newborns are messy little angels.  It is just a fact.  So whenever, I wanted to go somewhere, I would slip a JonJon over the onesie, and he looked like a perfect little gentleman.  I loved it.  One of the reasons I did not like him in T-Shirts was because he had a little belly.  I gather by the sight of several other little newborns that this is also something common.  Even my skinny little Olivia had a belly as a newborn.  JonJon’s do a great job of hiding all that.  It is a loose-fitting and comfortable garment for a child.  They also are very easy to pull on and off, and the crotch snaps make changing a diaper so much easier then a pair of shorts.

So here are my newest additions the Hampton Sunsuit and the Bike Ride Sunsuit.

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