Sugar Rush Cuteness…

It’s that time of year where I have to force myself to sew Christmas.  It is not just the orders that I am working on but the stack of new fabrics that have to be designed and created into darling little outfits.  I have put it off long enough.  This week was my first deadline.

I got behind because the entire family had a really bad cold.  I almost feel stupid just saying it, but I think it was something viral, since we all caught it two days apart.  The moment I felt like I finally got one child over it, the next one got sick until it finally hit me too.  Unlike the others, I did not spend two days in bed, but I will admit that my days were cut short.  There was no nighttime sewing going on here.  I just did not have the energy.  So this weekend I decided to make the first trial dress for Christmas and I really like it.


I have not uploaded it to my site, since I did not get pictures done and I have four more dresses to make with this new line of fabrics.  So please tell me if you like it.  The pattern is new, the fabric is new, and the theme is candy canes, and lots of sugarplums.  I will also be making matching ties for our little brothers, and a long sleeve peasant blouse to wear underneath the dress.  The pattern also comes with flutters, but I decided to leave the flutters on this dress for those of you who need to wear a sweater in the colder climates.


My favorite part on this entire dress is the cute little pocket.  I have to thank Jen Hageborn from Tie Dye Diva Patterns for this lovely little design, which you can find here [button title=”Pocket Tutorial” url=”” style=”small filled”].  She posted the instructions/tutorial on her blog last week.  If you are a seamstress like me, please go and visit and leave her a nice little THANK YOU for her efforts and sharing.

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