Sunshine Dress

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The Sunshine Dress was something special I created for my daughter.  I wanted to make something wide, not clingy, and perfect to slip on and off for our hot summer days.  I chose this fabric because I love the bright colors in the summertime.  This is a pattern from Handmaiden’s Cottage called the Swing Dress.  I altered it slightly to cut down on the underarm exposure, and the amount of fabric that was needed.  I made this same dress for my niece last year in a slightly different variation, which looked like this:


This was my own pattern, but my niece loved it.  She wore it all the time.

The above dress is available in a size 5/6 – length 25-26″.  It is ready to ship.  If you would like this dress in another size please feel free to write me at  I have not posted the dress on my website, due to the fact that I do not have a lot of this fabric available, and it is out of print.  I don’t want to waste a single inch of it.

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