Tiffany Dress is almost ready to say Goodbye



I hate saying goodbye to some of my favorite dresses.  In this case, since it is one of my favorite color combinations, as well as fabric combinations, it is especially hard.  However, after going through several bolts of fabric, I decided it was time.  I have enough fabric to make about three more dresses and then the last of the 3rd bolt  will be gone.  It really is so beautiful, and I love the pattern.  I wanted this dress to be carefree and pretty.  It was meant to be a very loose fitting dress for the heated summer days.  My daughter loved it.  The skirt is very full, and of course it has a lot of twirl.  The lemony yellow bodice is covered in polka dots, and is adorned with a swiss embroidered trim, and an aqua satin ribbon.

I have a size 3 still on hand and it is ready to ship.  So if you want it, please order here.  I will be sure to have it in the mail within 24 hours.





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