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TRIXIE modelled

Oh my goodness, aren’t these just too cute for words.  I made this TRIXIE dress right before I went on vacation, and the mother (Maranda) sent me these pictures this week.  This just made me smile from ear to ear.  The photographer caught a perfect moment, and the pictures are fantastic.  Love this.  Thanks so much Maranda for sharing.  Your little girl is so cute.

I really needed to see this, because I recently lost a very good friend in a horrible accident, and the grief that our family has gone through has been somewhat hard.  I have had a hard time concentrating on anything work related, let alone sew anything new and exciting.  I have been lying around the house somewhat lazy and melancholy.  Seeing pictures like this helps me put faith back into life and remember what happiness looks like.  I just want to squeeze those little cheeks.  Thanks again Maranda.