Tropical Punch


Yesterday, we finished this one for a client..  I always love the colors of this dress, so I pulled ours out of the closet and had Olivia model it once again.  Do you remember some of the earlier pictures?


She was only 4 in this picture.  However, as you can see the dress has been made each year again and again, because she loves to wear it.  I love the fabrics, and am so happy that I ordered them before the designer decided to stop selling them to wholesale accounts.  I still have a few yards left on these bolts, so I will  keep this dress up and running on my site until I run out.  The halter dress is one of my favorites from the Scientific Seamstress, although I will warn you  that her dresses run big.  She usually has measurements that are about an inch bigger in the chest then most of the other patterns I use.  Other then that, her directions are easy to follow, and the pattern pieces go together very nicely.


I told you things were wacky over here.  First summer, then winter, now back to summer again.  Hope you are laughing with me not at me……

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