This is the time of year, when I get asked “what do you have for a wedding?”.  Weddings don’t just creep up on us, but let’s face it…….we are not going to buy the kids a dress in the middle of winter.  So you wait.  Then you stress out because you almost forgot about your best friends wedding!!!!! OH NO.
Well guess what?  Kinder Kouture has many dresses that are suitable for weddings.  Here are a few examples..

   The Margarita Dress is beautiful for weddings, including beach weddings.  The dress includes lovely subtle colors of yellow, baby blue and midnight blue.   It is a favorite of ours due to the layers and layers of ruffles on the back side of the skirt.  It is also a favorite because of the fantastic fit it offers.
This halter dress is another favorite for weddings.  Many weddings choose the colors aqua and orange as their choice colors for table decorations and flowers.   The halter dress ties around the neck, which looks especially nice on the older girls.
Although this is listed as a top, it can easily be made into a dress.  Just send me an email at if you should have any questions. This classic and simple A-line dress with a nice big bow is perfect for a wedding day.  A lovely sight for all parents to look at with its’ adorable red and pink floral printed fabric.
Next is the Baby Tiffany and the Tiffany dress.  Both of these dresses are favorites for weddings, and I am sure you will agree that both of these dresses are incredibly cute for little girls.  These classic styles , and warm colors are perfect for so many occasions.
The April Dress is classic and sublet in shades of pink and brown on a creamy background.  Perfect for a wedding.  Also comes in blue fabrics.
 As you can see the list is endless.  Just click on the SHOP link and look for the category DRESS and see for yourself the endless possibilities of wedding dresses we have available. Don’t forget to share this information with a friend.

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