What’s in a name…


We finally got some sunshine, and oh …………….it feels so nice.

It is still pretty cold, but the warmth of the sun feels great.  So while everyone was out in their yards all day, and the kids were riding their bikes, I decided to take at least 30 minutes and photograph Olivia in one dress.  I have been working on Easter orders all week, and just not have had much time to do anything else.  This is a fairly simple peasant dress made from the beautiful fabrics from Tanya Whelan.  In this case, the pink and raspberry roses are on a white and ivory background.  The sash is made in a beautiful vibrant pink cotton fabric, but I also have it available in a matching green fabric.  I decided to make it up for EASTER, but I actually wanted this dress for other important events too…….for instance a beach dress, graduation, church, and wedding flower girl dress.  I get asked over and over again if I have anything in white/cream/ivory, so here you go.  The fabric is gorgeous, and the pictures don’t quite do it justice.  It is very hard to capture all the off white colors that make this fabric so lovely.


IMG_6409A IMG_6483

My husband spent the day cleaning the back yard, and straightening up our storage shed.  He came out with Olivia’s first tricycle, and asked whether he could throw it away.  We both screamed at him, NO!  Call it sentimental, but I just love these little bikes, and wish I had not thrown away the red one we had bought for our son.  I figure I can always use it for a photo prop one day when I do a little photography for my grandchildren.  HAHA.

I will have this dress listed sometime today when we get done deciding on a name.  Have you seen my facebook page?  They gave me so many beautiful names that now I cannot decide on just one……Anna Grace, Belinda, Georgia Rose, Roslyn, or Hope.  So help us out with a name for this lovely little dress.

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