Interested in Wholesale?

Thank you for showing us an interest in our wholesale business.  Kinder Kouture manufactures their own products.  We are a small family owned handmade clothing business for children's clothing.    The items available for wholesale shipping are listed HERE.  Everything is manufactured in the USA.




Please send us the following information:

  1. Business License or Tax ID
  2. Company Name and Address
  3. Telephone
  4. Website
  5. Items being Requested.


Feel free to contact us at support@kinderkoutureclothing.com anytime with questions. Do not use our chat program or social media to contact us regarding this option.

      • Minimium Amount Order: $800.00 (2 SKUS per item)
      • Maximium Amount Order: $2000.00
      • Shipping:  Customer Pays all shipping Costs/Insurance Costs/Custom Charges.
      • Email Order to support@kinderkoutureclothing.com
      • Payments are required before Order is processed.
      • Shipping will be invoiced once order is completed.
      • Processing Times: 8-12 weeks.