About Us



We welcome you to our little world of Kinder Kouture Children's Clothing.

We are so happy you decided to visit.  Now grab a cup of coffee and enjoy all the cuteness!

Hi, I am Jeannine, the official owner of Kinder Kouture.  I started this little boutique business in 2007.   It is a place in which all of our creativity comes together to offer you timeless and most importantly uniquely designed girls clothing in fun and pretty cotton prints.  We are a small family owned business based in Florida.  

Our inspiration for Kinder Kouture is the simple wish to dress children in good quality handmade clothing.  I've been sewing for over 20 years, and I grew up with a mother that sewed all her life.  I am a true believer in all things that are made from the heart.  Every dress and romper I have ever made for my children, has touched me over and over again, as was the case with the dresses my mom made for me.  I love the uniqueness in the designs and fabrics.  This love for everything handmade, beautiful high quality fabrics and the wish to dress up little girls in gorgeous classic designs is what brought Kinder Kouture to life, and what keeps it going each and every year. 

I want to emphasize that we design and create our clothing in house.   We specialize in a custom fit, because we believe each child is different.  We do not carry a large inventory of clothing, however a very large inventory of fabrics and trims.  In the hopes to dress our children in great quality fabrics and to enjoy a well fitted garment, we recommend to all of our customers that measurements are added to each order.  Based on these measurements, we can then draft a pattern, and custom sew each dress to fit your child perfectly.  This is what we love to do.

"I want little girls to look great, feel comfortable, and yet appreciate the gift of a beautiful dress. It's like creating a beautiful memory.  I love what I do, and that makes all the difference in the world." 

All the clothing created at Kinder Kouture are limited editions.