We welcome you to our little world of Kinder Kouture Children's Clothing.

We are so happy you decided to visit.  Now grab a cup of coffee and enjoy all the cuteness!

Hi, I am Jeannine and the official owner of Kinder Kouture.  I started this little boutique business in 2007.   It is a place in which all of our creativity comes together to offer you timeless and most importantly uniquely designed girls clothing in fun and pretty cotton prints.  It is a small business that had only one wish.......to dress up your little girl to look like a little princess.

I have a little girl, and she is the inspiration I needed to create this boutique.  When she was born I looked for clothing that was suitable for many different occasions.  I looked for dresses that were classic in style and fun to wear.  Something I could grab out of a closet and transform my little toddler into princess in a matter of seconds.  A dress was my simple answer.  I could dress her in stockings and a onesie in the morning, and in a matter of minutes, with a slip over her head, a small headband, she was instantly transformed.  I also looked for cute bubbles, rompers, and anything that twirled.  Most importantly the fabric had to be gorgeous and unique.  If you are looking for the same miracle, then you have come to the right place.

We at Kinder Kouture believe in quality over quantity.  Our sewing techniques and timeless sense of tradition help guide our designs.  

"I want little girls to look great, feel comfortable, and yet appreciate the gift of a beautiful dress. It's like creating a beautiful memory.  I love what I do, and that makes all the difference in the world." 

All the clothing created at Kinder Kouture are limited editions.   Our clothing is created for holidays, or special events,  and we offer matching accessories to create  a beautiful picture or a special moment in time.  Kinder Kouture is one of the few boutiques that also offers custom fitted clothes.  Many customers leave behind measurements to ensure a great fit.   We will gladly adapt any pattern to fit your child.   Most importantly, all of our products are made in the USA in our Kinder Kouture studio.    



I never expected this business to be anything more then a hobby, and that was nine years ago.  Since then. I spent many long and tireless hours building my own website, meeting with various Fabric companies, photographing many little models, and sewing thousands of little girl dresses.  My goal is -  to sell a dress a day,  and to make friends all over the world.  So far so good, and because of customers like you, I have been able to do what I love most.  

For this, I thank you each and every day.  


The best way to stay updated on release dates, sneak peeks, and blowout sales is through our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/kinderkoutureclothing  





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