Order Status




Please remember these are processing dates and expected ship dates.  Shipping takes another 2-5 days.  We do our very best to stick to this schedule.  We have more than one store and work on a first come first serve basis.  All dresses are made by hand, and sometimes, different sizes take a bit longer than others.

  • Look for your last name, and expect your package within  2-3 days after the date you see below.
  • Tracking notifications are emailed to each customer. 
  • Remember that if you order consists of more then one dress, your order will take an extra week to ship.   The same is true to orders that include embroidery designs.
  • We do our very best to be efficient in our processing, and not inconvenience our customers.
  • Feel free to download the app SHOP  .  It is available for all IOS and Android phones.  This app will allow you to view your order, keep track of the package, and get updates to our products.


Last Name

 Ship Date

Padron - 1688 10/29 Fulfilled
10/29 Fulfilled
11/10 Fulfilled
Collichio  11/15 Fulfilled
Kurganov  11/09


Cheesbro 12/3 Fulfilled

Izatt -

12/1 Processing
Dail  12/1 Processing
Arias -  11/17 Fulfilled
Mackaney 11/12 Fulfilled
Hail 11/07 Fulfilled
 Brito - 
11/14 Fulfilled
 Leiva 12/13
 Vukojevic 12/10
Cantor 12/11
Loo 12/17
Turner 12/16