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Our Little Story


Welcome to Kinder Kouture

Happiness is handmade.


Hi, my name is Jeannine.

I am the owner, designer, photographer and most of the time the seamstress for all of these adorable clothes you see on our website.  Our family-owned company has existed since 2008, and thanks to a little bit of success on ETSY, many long hard working hours, and wonderful friends and family, Kinder Kouture is now an officially recognized brand.






    My love for sewing really blossomed once my children were born.  I found myself behind the sewing machine all the time. I was very passionate about creating a unique wardrobe for both my son and daughter that you could not find in stores.  I wanted to create timeless pieces, but at the same time find a balance between comfort and style.  Their clothing had to be chic enough for a special occasion and yet functional for a playdate or a lunchdate with my girlfriends at the park.

    Quality has always been very important to me.  Natural materials are crucial when you’re making items for kids, because children need to be comfortable and they also deserve the very best in terms of quality.   All items made in our shop are 100% cotton, and made in small quantities. More and more people are shopping locally for handmade goods and supporting their local community.  I am happy that I found a way to do what I love each and every day, and at the same time, provide a wonderful gift to my customers.   

    I feel incredibly blessed to have gained so many friends over the years who appreciate the hard work, the small-scale production and timeless trends we create at Kinder Kouture.   

    Have a picture to share? 

    We love to see our creations being worn.  Feel free to tag us at #kinderkouture.



      We work tirelessly with american fabric vendors
      to bring you the best quality of fabrics
      and trims and the latest trending designs.

      American Made

      All of our products are made in the state of Florida.
      Occasionally we do hire american seamstresses
      to assist us during our busy months of the year.



      Not only would we like to offer our customers
      quality work, but also unique and fun
      designs, patterns, and prints.


      Contact Us Anytime:

      We love to hear from our customers and try to provide the very best support for our products. You can submit your message through our contact form, or:

          • Click the CHAT or MESSAGE button at the bottom of your page
          • Send us an email at kinderkouture@gmail.com 
          • Give us a call at 1-850-501-6616 •
          • Read more on our Contact page