Interested in a layaway option?  Here are your two options.....

    1. Paywhirl:  This payment option will allow you to capture as many payments as you
      want.  All you have to do is set up an account, pay $25 as a downpayment, and set
      up the follow-up payment dates.  It is that easy.
      Paywhirl does require a $1 fee each time you make a payment.

  1. Call me.  Call me and I will take your credit card
    credentials, and invoice you whenever you want to follow up
    with more payments.  Please remember that we do require a $25 downpayment.
     We will send you a follow-up invoice on whatever date you want.  Take as long as
    you want to pay off your balance.  No fees.  Tel: (850)501-6616

Layaway is great way to purchase whatever you want, and
pay it off in several payments.  The choice is yours.  
We require a $25 downpayment for the initial booking of your order.
 In the case of non-payment, the downpayment becomes non-refundable.
 In the case of a cancellation, the downpayment becomes non-refundable.
 Please remember that delivery of a Layaway item is 3 weeks after
the item is paid in full.