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If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child, we could see magic in everything.

Welcome to Kinder Kouture

Hi, my name is Jeannine. I am a stay-at-home mom,  an entrepreneur, designer of clothing, and most of the time a  photographer for all of these adorable clothes you see on our website.

Our  company has existed since 2008, and thanks to a little bit of success on ETSY, many long hard working hours, and wonderful friends and family, Kinder Kouture is now an officially recognized brand.

I grew up with a very creative german mother, who could do everything with the touch of her hands. I learned at an early age to appreciate the fact that my mom could make dreams come true by sewing, knitting, or making things with her hands that no money could buy. I appreciated her time, her thoughtfulness, and most of all the uniqueness in everything she did for our family. It was no surprise to me that I inherited these wonderful qualities.

I started sewing when I was in my 20's, advancing to tailoring techniques, and learning new things each and every day.  It all changed when my children were born.  I found a new passion in sewing for children.  Learning from tutors and teachers in Louisiana, I set up my sewing room in the garage, and began a business that allowed my creative juices to flow.

Quality has always been very important to me.  Natural materials are crucial when you’re making kids clothing, because children need to feel comfortable and they deserve the very best in terms of quality.   All items made in our shop are 100% cotton, and made in small quantities. More and more people are shopping locally for handmade goods and supporting their local community.  I am happy that I found a way to do what I love each and every day, and at the same time, provide a wonderful gift to my customers.   If you appreciate hard work, the small-scale production and timeless creations, then Kinder Kouture is definitely worth your time and money.

 Thank you for supporting my small business.

By the way, if you are interested in our photography, please visit us at  Kinder Kouture Photography.

Kinder Kouture Photography


At Kinder Kouture we strive to bring our customers unique quality and designs in children's handmade clothing.  We pride ourselves in meticulous detailing, and  expertly crafted clothing.  Our style remains fun, classy, and trendy.  You will love the way your child looks in a Kinder Kouture dress. 


All of our items are made in the USA.  Due to nature of our business please check out our schedule, and remember that our processing times are usually 2-3 weeks.  We tend to get backed up close to the holidays.  We apologize for the inconvenience, so get your orders in early.

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You will find us very quick to respond (usually within minutes), and YES we are available to CHAT on the weekends too!

Sizing Chart











NB 16-17in. -  41-43cm 11in - 28cm
3MOS 17-18in - 44-46cm 12in - 31cm
6MOS 18-19in - 46-48cm 13.5in - 35cm
12MOS 20in - 51cm 16in - 41cm
18MOS 20.5in - 52cm 17in - 43cm
2T 21in - 53cm 19in - 48cm
3T 22in - 56cm 20.5in - 52cm
4T 22.5in - 57cm  22in - 56cm
5 23in - 58cm  23.6in - 60cm
6 24in - 61cm 25in - 63.5cm
7 25in - 63.5cm 27in - 69cm
8 26in - 66cm  28in - 71cm
10 28in - 71cm 29.5in - 75cm
12 30in - 76cm 31in - 79cm