Select Your Pattern Size

Size is determined by your circumference (width) measurements. Again, refer to the Measurement Charts to select the size corresponding to the Chest, and Waist and Hip measurements closest to your measurements. Here are some tips to help make your size selection easier:

  • For Dresses, Blouses,  and Tops, select size to correspond with your child's Chest measurement.  If there is more than 2"(5cm) difference between the Chest measurement, select the smaller size, because you will achieve a better fit through your shoulders, chest and upper back.
  • For Skirts, Pants, Shorts, and Culottes, select size to correspond with your Waist measurement. If your Hips are much larger than your Waist, select the size closest to your Hip measurement.
  • If your measurements fall between two sizes, consider your child's bone structure. If she is thin and small-boned, choose the smaller of the two sizes. If she is larger boned, choose the larger size. Personal preference may also influence your size selection depending on whether you prefer a looser or a closer fit.